Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Erie Avenue Blind Tasting

This month we sampled 7 Spanish Riojas at Pho Paris with a new format. Instead of ranking the wines according to a group vote 1 to 8, we sampled and commented and arrived at some consensus on the best of the bunch. To cleanse the palate we started with a 2003 Figini Gavi and a 2004 Huber Gruner Veltliner.

Here is the line up:

  • 2000 Finca Allende -- which was a bit muted and tight.
  • 1999 Coto de Imaz -- Had a moderate nose and then muted flavors and a short finish.
  • 2000 Marquis de Vitoria -- Muted nose, soft fruit flavors and medium finish. Was well regarded.
  • 1997 San Vicente -- Big sweet oak nose, big flavors that evolved over time with tannins and structure, medium to long finish. This seemed to be the favorite and was actually the second bottle served as the first had a cork malfunction. When the first bottle was decanted without the cork bits, it was passed around the table and quickly consumed.
  • 2001 Finca Allende -- Much bigger with tons of fruit compared to the 2000. Almost California Cab like. A popular choice.
  • 1999 Lan Crianza -- Not much nose, too much tannin.
  • 2000 Lanzaga -- Sweet oaky nose, not big-bodied, medium finish. Well liked.

The final wine was presented by Jeff to see if we could guess the region and varietal. I went down the path of Italy, either an aged Barolo or a new Super Tuscan. Not even close! California Sonoma Merlot from Matanzas Creek Winery. I didn't note the vintage but I believe it was 2002. A few in the group got pretty close with New World or California Merlot. Thanks to everyone and to Jeff for the appetizers and the Wine Challenge. Next month we will get together on the 19th and the topic is Champagne.


Anonymous MikeH said...

We had the Huber Gruner Veltliner with our appetizers based on the server's recco. Everyone loved it.

11:14 PM  

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