Saturday, November 19, 2005

2001 Wellington Victory

2001 Wellington Vineyards, Sonoma County Reserve "Victory" ($33) -- 55% Cabernet/45% Merlot blend. I just grabbed this from the local distributor while picking up 3 cases of wine for today's tasting. He said he and others think it's Wellington best wine yet. Tannins are hidden but support a very well balanced wine. Medium aromas of fruit up front, then a smooth complex fruit flavor with a long finish. Good acidity for foods. Should age well but is drinking just fine now. Here are the tasting notes from the website:

"The 2001 Victory consists of 45% Estate Merlot, 37% Hulen Vineyard Cabernet and 18% Mohrhardt Ridge Cabernet. Aromas of black cherry, cassis, allspice, truffle, vanilla, raspberry, cedar. Hints of tea, licorice, brown sugar, orange peel, camphor – something new with each sniff. In the mouth: smooth, supple entry, rich but never heavy, seamless transition to a firm yet not harsh finish that promises great things to come. Drink now only if you can’t resist. Cellaring will be duly rewarded."

Couldn't find any production notes so I can't tell you more about how much wood and what type or length of aging, but I did enjoy this bottle.


Blogger taj said...

Okay, so I'm curious. The tasting notes on winery sites always seem so extravagant:
black cherry, cassis, allspice, truffle, vanilla, raspberry, cedar. Hints of tea, licorice, brown sugar, orange peel, camphor.

That's a lot of aromatics, man! (tea, brown sugar, orange peel and vanilla" reminds me of that powdered concoction my mother used to make out of Tang, cinnamon and Lipton Instant tea, which she then called 'Holiday Spiced tea' and gave it out for Christmas)

Did you get all of these? I realize that identifying aromatics is a rather subjective thing, but sometimes I can't help believing they throw a few in for the hell of it.

10:54 AM  
Blogger taj said...

Oh, and it says at the end "drink now only if you can't help it. Cellaring will be duly rewarded."

I like how wine descriptions often amount to: "this wine is already a mind-blower, but if you cellar it for a few years before drinking, you will see God."

I don't mean to dis on this wine; it sounds great. But wine people...we're a funny lot!

11:00 AM  
Blogger jens at cincinnati wine said...

I am weak on picking flavor descriptors and think some of the more subtle esoteric ones are reaching at straws. I know I'm supposed to write more than just, "It tastes good!", but I don't want to mislead anyone with bogus adjectives, although I did get a nuance of gunpowder and flint in the last wine I tried. Eww!!!

5:08 PM  

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