Saturday, November 19, 2005

Honest Tasting Notes

This has to be the most honest tasting notes I have seen from a winery about one of their wines. Imagine if all wineries told it like it is!

The Duke, Red Table Wine, Sonoma County $5

"Wine composition: 58% Merlot, 24% Cabernet sauvignon, 18% Zinfandel This is a blend of big, chewy Merlot press wine, Cabernet with a bit too much minty eucalyptus flavor, and an elegant, lighter Zinfandel that didn’t have quite enough punch. The end result (and yes, we did trial blends to put this wine together) is a big, flavorful wine with good richness and length but lacking somewhat in smoothness and finesse when compared to our other wines.The Duke pairs excellently with holiday feast leftovers, but should also do well with burgers, spaghetti, pizza – for those times when a more expensive bottle might not be the best choice. You've heard of two buck chuck well meet five dollar bill. Cheers! "

Makes me want to go out and buy a case just to say thank you for telling it like it is!


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