Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bengal Fever

I am a fan, but can't say I have been one of the faithful during the long fallow period since, what 1988. I once visited Toronto a few years ago, and when I checked into the hotel and the bellman dumped the bags in the room he tried to make some small talk to help bolster his tip.

"Where you guys from?"

"Cincinnati", I replied.

"Oh", he said shaking his head. "Pretty sad about those Bengals, eh?"

Well, I do believe in the team and their recent success, and I have two tickets to this Sunday's game. My friend and I plan to sell the tickets for $500 each, prop our feet up at Tellers with a few TVs and order a really good bottle of wine!

Let me know if you are looking for tickets on the 50 yard line, 14th row.


Anonymous gregw said...

Heh. So did you find any takers?

Just curious.

And what kind of wine goes down well with watching your team get its butt kicked, anyway?

Again, just curious.

And thanks for the tip on five dollar bill. I heartily agree about your point on tasting notes. How utterly refreshing.

5:10 PM  
Blogger jens at cincinnati wine said...

We went to the game as the closest offer was $200. Great game until the pick in the 4th quarter but we never stopped Indy. Maning was awesome calling plays at the line with no huddle.

And if you ever go to the game, bring your own wine or booze (you never heard that from me!) because beside the Club Level there is exactly one bar in the whole place for 60,000 people. Bad beer and bad hotdogs, although I did find a Guinness.

jens at the garage

5:35 PM  

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