Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Easy Come Easy Go!

I was wondering (er, I mean wandering!) in cyber space and found an old house I used to own. I guess I lost it in a card game.

"His brother, Erik, married to Susanne Juel and father to the well-known Anna Margrethe Quitzow, managed the estate until 1683 when her cousin Jens Rosenkrantz, born 1641 assumed ownership. He called the estate Roseneje. In earlier years, he had been in diplomatic service and chamberlain at the court of Queen Charlotte Amalie. Thereafter he was High Court judge on Fyen and prefect over Viborg county. He was a scholar of high standing and accumulated a large book collection at Roseneje which unfortunately was sold and dispersed after his death in 1695. His widow, Beate Sehested inherited the estate but she died already in 1696. Jörgen, the son of Jens Rosenkrantz was 18 years old when he took over the estate in 1696. The year after, he married the beautiful Marie Elisabeth de Roklenge, born 1675. She was a daughter of Major Jacob de Roklenge and Anna von Sudermann. Jörgen and Marie had 12 children together and she died in 1715. All their children were christened in the Norup church which belonged to the estate. Due to Jörgen's financial difficulties, Roseneje was put up for sale at an auction in 1st of October 1718."


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