Thursday, November 03, 2005


2003 Poliziano, Rosso di Montepulciano ($15) - While I was out grabbing a sandwich today for lunch I stopped in a wine retailer to perform some corporate intelligence gathering. I always announce myself, as it would be poor form to sneak around and snoop. And since there were no wine reps at the shop when I got back to offer samples to wash down my sandwich, I opened up this wine from Italy. On the internet, I could find only tasting notes on previous vintages.

The grower/winemaker, Federico Carletti, purchased the estate about 40 years ago. They make a few high-end Montepulciano's which are 100% Sangiovese. The leftovers plus up to 20% of some other varietals (one blog said Merlot) goes into the Rosso.

Attractive label. Dark colors. Intriguing, earthy aromas with full-bodied fruit flavors with tannins present. Good balance, medium finish. Very good. I will try to find the local distributor. This is why I check out the local stores. The reps can't and don't always bring all the good wines around. Other store owners are welcome to come by my warehouse, but you have to make sure you don't trip over the boxes and other debris. I am in the middle of putting up the Maisonette awning in the shop. Pictures to follow.


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During a late night clean up for last Saturday's wine tasting, I "found" 3 bottles in inventory. This tells me two things. First, it is not surprising that I liked this wine as I had already tasted it and liked it enough to buy a few bottles. Second, my inventory control sucks.

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