Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Showket Vineyards

2001 Showket Cabernet Sauvignon ($70) -- Napa Valley. Usually the reps bring around the value and mid-level wines to sell and I enjoy searching for that next great value wine at $8 to $12. Then, sometimes we get treated to something special.

Heidi Barrett is the winemaker and along with her own projects has made wine for Screaming Eagle and Dalle Valle. I think this wine may be the least expensive of the bunch and should give you a flavor of her winemaking skills.

It is hard to say whether a $70 bottle of wine is worth it, but this wine is unbelievably elegant, full of fruit with a long sumptuous finish. I do love to find a great $10 bottle of wine for everyday use, but when I hit the Mega Lottery for $100 million net after taxes and present value of the annuity stream, this wine will be my everyday mid-week pizza wine!

I convinced the rep to leave a little extra glass around so that I could wash down my Chicken Parmesan and garlic bread.

And if you can't stretch for the $70 Cab, I would suggest trying the $35 Sangiovese or the $50 Super Tuscan called Asante Sana.

Bon Appetite!


Anonymous ELK RIDER said...

I also had the pleasure of tasting these fine offerings and I wish I had thought to get a to-go cup like you did. All three are wonderful, and the Cab is truly awesome. Like you, I can't afford $70 for a bottle but it sure is nice to dream and taste if possible. I could settle for the Asante Sana anyplace, anytime.

2:38 PM  

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