Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wine Blog Wednesday #13

Well I never got around to finding any wonderful recipes for chocolate cake, let alone whipping something up. So, I am pairing my wine choice with a bag of M&Ms. Color doesn't seem to matter much here although the new blue ones are cute.

NV Chambers Rosewood Vineyards, Rutherglen Muscadelle (Tokay) ($17 for 375ml) -- Australia with 18% alcohol. This wonderful dessert style wine has been open for at least six months and is still full of syrupy flavors. Although you can enjoy this wine by itself it is even better with sweets, even M&Ms after lunch. The delicate fragrant aromas entice and the long silky finish delivers. Parker raved about this wine saying life is too short not to experience this Australian treasure. As with all dessert wines of this type it is wise to hide from the women and children as it will soon disappear.


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Blogger jens at cincinnati wine said...

Thank you for liking my wine blog. I checked out your wine blog and I must say there were a lot of ads and I am wondering whether you have been taking your medications. I am not a prude about that sort of thing, but maybe you should call your doctor and see if he could add a little more LSD in the mix so that your visions might be a bit more colorful. But hey, what do I know. I stopped taking acid back in the '70s!

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