Friday, September 30, 2005


I just came from my first annual meeting of the Mount Adams Yacht Club (MAYC) and I admire the organizational efforts and cunning of the Cincinnatians who have contructed a yacht club that is at least a half mile from the river and about 200 feet uphill from the river bottom. They are working on donating an old riverboat tow cleat to a park on the "Hill" to solidify their standing in case some big ship would want to tie up, but the overall purpose is not unlike must clubs in the Midwest. They just want to have fun!

The bad news is that the MAYC has no access to any kind of water unless there is a lime in it. Although, there are reciprocal privileges at many other real yacht clubs that are actually on the water on real lakes and oceans. The good news is that the meetings take place in a wine shop/bar where you can pull a bottle of 2001 Silver Oak Cab at about $75 and share it after a $6 corkage fee. I opted for the L' Ecole No. 41 Apogee at $45.

Most of the conversation at the annual meeting was about whether to share e-mail addresses in the new Club directory, and not about how much of the capital budget was needed to rebuild the sea wall after the most recent Nor'easter. But at $100 a year I am all in and since they have opened the membership to 200 members, I suggest you join now. The burgee is already flying over the front door of the shop!

Who knows when you will need to flash that membership card next time you are in Naples or Marco Island or Newport or San Diego or Put-in-Bay! Or your favorite bar in Mt Adams!

Permission to come aboard!


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