Friday, March 25, 2005

Pho Paris Winemakers Dinner

I just came from a planning session/lunch at Pho Paris where I introduced the wines to Jeff, the Manager, and Jared, the Chef, to begin the process of creating a menu for the Winemakers Dinner with Greg Graziano on May 9th. I had selected the “Enotria” Moscat and Arneis, the “Monte Volpe” Pinot Grigio and Peppolino, the “Graziano” Zinfandel and the “Saint Gregory” Pinot Noir. No final decisions were made, but Jared riffed about Blue Tuna, Rabbit, Buffalo, Lamb, Crab, Salmon, and Tuna, and made me dizzy with details on reduction sauces and compotes and flavorings. Paige, the Pastry Chef, then popped out and tasted the “Enotria” Moscat to begin matching the dessert. She threw out some ideas about melon and berries, then asked if she could keep the sample, “I don’t often like sweet wines, but this is good!” She then disappeared back into the kitchen. The scene is like watching artists at work, stretching their imagination, particularly when we are matching Italian wines grown in California with foods from a fusion French Vietnamese restaurant. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

To find out more about Graziano's wines, check here:

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