Thursday, March 17, 2005

St. Paddy's Day Wine

Gracia, de Chile, "Porqueno" Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 ($ xx) -- Colunquen Estate, Aconcagua Vally, Chile. "Reserva Lo Mejor". This wine was thrown at me after happy hour at Hap's by the winery's US Sales Manager (yes, I was Irish today and had a few Guinesses). I don't know if it is in the market yet, or what the price is, but I am gathering from the website, that "Reserva Lo Mejor" is one level down from the top shelf. I am guessing $25. It has a big fruit/berry nose with a burst of blueberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors. Tannins are there but integrated. This is a big, drinkable Cab with structure and a medium finish.

Now, the label. I think a classier label would really help here. (Although the Australians have done well with animals and cute names!) This wine deserves better packaging. "Porqueno"? Por que no! I don't get it. No entiendo. Si quieren vender muchas cases de vino in los Estados Unidos, necesitan, como se dice, "better packaging". Este vino esta muy bueno. Me gusta mucho! Muchas gracias. De nada.


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