Thursday, March 24, 2005

Two Wines from Billington Imports

Chris, the Regional Manager, dropped off six wines to taste. I liked these two, althought the 2003 Catena Chardonnay was very good, but I am backed up on $18 buttery Chards right now. At $12 I would be all over it.

  • Cousino-Macul, Cabernet Sauvignon "Antiguas Reservas" 2002 ($15) -- Valle del Maipo, Chile. 100% Cab; 35,000 cases. Not a big nose, nor much taste evolution after being open for several hours, but a good, pleasant, smooth Red for the price with structure and integrated tannins. Very drinkable right now. I heard from Chris that there are back vintages available, and I look forward to tasting some older verticals at this price point.
  • Catena Zapata, "Alamos" Malbec 2003 ($11) -- Mendoza, Argentina. Big smokey nose with heavy fruit flavors and a smooth finish. It has been a long day of tasting, and I may be off, but I get an almost Pinot like cherry flavor and nose, but much stronger. This wine has lots of depth for $11 and was my favorite.


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