Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Murphin Ridge Inn

Last weekend, I was dragged out of town to this wonderful spot in Adams County about an hour and a half from Cincinnati. I would have got there sooner except for all the Amish buggies in the way the last 10 miles! I had no idea what to expect as this was a surprise gift from Polly, so I was prepared for typical B&B American cuisine and a bad wine list (Red or White?). I brought a few wines just in case! They weren't needed as the wine list is short (20+) but packed with great selections (Qupe, Talbott, Kali-Hart, Cinnabar, Bonny Doon, etc) marked-up about $5 to $10 over retail. Thank You! I did enjoy sharing my wines with the owner, Darryl, however. He reciprocated and brought out a Mathews (sp?) Claret from Washington State. And the food is as good as any fine dining in town, and included freshly made soups, salads and breads, and entrees that fill you up after a day of roaming around the country-side, either on foot or by car. If you have any doubts about the cuisine, go to the web-site and order the cookbook.

Our room was one of the nine modern cabins that have king-sized beds, gas fireplaces, walk-in-showers and two person jacuzzi baths. The open floor plan and cathedral ceilings let in lots of light and are more than comfortable. This is NOT camping, but luxury, yet there are no TVs and your cell phones won't work. There are also rooms available in the large Guest House, but I would suggest the cabins.

I have not visited many Inns or B&B's in Ohio, but this one is top-shelf, and is highly recommended because of the setting on 125 acres of farm land, the food and wine, and the warm hospitality of the hosts. We will be back!


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