Friday, May 20, 2005

Georges Duboeuf Moulin-A-Vent

Georges Duboeuf, Moulin-A-Vent Red Burgundy 2003 ($15) - France. Aged in Oak for six months. Can't tell you more as the site is pending (come on, I have a little wine shop for six months and I have a live website) and there are no production notes on the bottle. Burgundy means Pinot Noir if my memory serves me right, but maybe it's Beaujolais.

Anyway, there's not much nose, not much fruit. Thin and a short finish. Other than that, a fine example of French wine. I am sure it would be great with food but I am out of truffles.

I heard that the 2003 vintage was the "Vintage of the Sun". We'll see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the wine is a beaujelais, moulin a vent is one of the 10 crus of beaujelais and in theory of higheer quality. grape = gamay and yes 2004 was a VERY hot year, most producers picked nearly a month early!

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