Thursday, May 19, 2005

Erie Avenue Near Blind Tasting - $20 Rose

I will be making a full report shortly but am currently buried in golf games and making deliveries. The short version is that the JK Carriere "Glass" White Pinot Noir came in first and the Vinum Rose (It's Okay!) of Cabernet Sauvignon came in second. One bottle was corked and fun was had by all. The appetizers from Pho Paris were spectacular and the Pizza at the Oakley Bar and Grill was fine, although the wine list at the latter was suspect. Best to order Guinness on tap or move onto the harder stuff! On a final note, the 1994 Robert Sinsky Vin de Gris Pinot Noir was a treat after the Blind Tasting. Who knew that a Rose could hold for 10 years!

There was much discussion about the next event as to what wines and where but that will be announced shortly. There will be a summer break for July and August (very civilized!), but people are free to gather if they so desire. Stay tuned.

Speaking of Summer breaks, I know the French have taken a lot of flack recently for some of their geo-political decisions in the Middle East, which stupidly caused some American wine lovers to dump First Growth Bordeaux down the drain, but I think the French have a great custom of shutting everything down in the month of August and taking a holiday. I think the French are clueless when it comes to wine labelling (see above), but on vacation planning, they have it nailed. If we all took the month of August off we would all be in a better mood until at least December, and could take a real vacation without worrying about what was happening back at the shop. (Usually not much that couldn't wait until we got back.) Just an idea. And then we could also practice sipping Rose at lunch, and liking it!


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