Monday, May 16, 2005

It Can't Be That Complicated!

"French swallow pride and simplify wine labels" By David Derbyshire, Consumer Affairs Editor (Filed: 14/05/2005)

For 70 years France has stubbornly clung to the most complicated and arcane wine labelling system in the world. But in a desperate attempt to stem the threat from the New World, French producers are starting to tell consumers what is in their bottles.

Following controversial changes to the appellation system, more and more quality Bordeaux wines are being labelled with the grape variety rather than simply its geographic region. The change is an attempt by producers to reverse falling sales and attract customers who seem to prefer the simplicity and clarity of labels on Australian, Chilean or South African wines.

If the new descriptions are adopted across France, they would reveal that a St Emilion is mostly made from merlot, that a red Burgundy is made from pinot noir and that a Chablis is made with chardonnay


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