Friday, April 01, 2005

Louie Louie, We Got To Go Now

I know my generation has finally arrived when I am standing in the License Divsion of the State of Ohio BMV trying to renew my expired car tags, when I hear over the stereo system, "Louie Louie". When I first heard this song in the sixties by the Kingsmen, it was scandalous as everyone thought they heard some pretty explicit language about what was going to happen every night at ten! The FBI investigated, but they couldn't prove what was on the record as the words really are indecipherable, but that didn't keep many radio stations from banning the song.

Now along with the ATM and cell phones in the BMV offices, I can sing along to one of the most notorious songs in Rock history, along with "Gloria". This is progress, and 'My Generation" rules! Of course, my generation will soon lose out to my kid's, and we will be listening to Gangsta Rap while renewing our tags in twenty years. That is, if I can still pass the vision test.

Oh baby, a-way we go!


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