Sunday, March 13, 2005

Oh Canada

Strewn, Pinot Blanc 2001 ($10) -- Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. A wine rep dropped this one off last week while I was out of the shop, and Saturday I managed to taste during a break in the action (after the Honda Classic and before the Wine Festival). I was skeptical when first opening: Canada and Pinot Blanc? I expected a thin steely un-complex wine. I got a toasty nose with soft buttery flavors. If tasted blind I would guess California Chardonnay with new Oak but not overdone. Until I talk with the rep I can't offer much more about production notes as the website offers limited information, but this one is going on the Wine List! Also, as Strewn is only an hour from Buffalo I plan to stop by the winery on our annual trek back east along Interstate 90. The drive along Lake Erie and Ontario is lined with miles and miles of vineyards and small wineries. This year I vow to take a few days more and pull off the highway and explore.


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