Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Perfect Martini

I was challanged recently by a friend on how to make a good martini, so I responded that before I turned into a wine geek, I made a pretty mean martini. (Hey, didn't you see the lit neon martini glass in the bar window! Do you think we're playing games here!) So here goes. I also experimented with the Quady Vya vermouth and must recommend this even at $21 per bottle. What does this add up to per serving compared to cheap vermouth? Ten cents per drink? Max! And if you run out of gin you can drink the Vya. (See above for the cheap vermouth.) The Vya added subtle and intriguing fragrances and seemed to add a luxurious quality to the drink. Maybe it was my imagination, but this martini, the first one in almost a year, tasted great!
  • Start with the best gin. Life is short. I prefer Bombay Sapphire. Period!
  • I like two very large olives, or three medium ones. Not too many as this is not dinner!
  • The glass has been resting in the freezer for a day to properly chill. It is a martini glass, right. I have tried to use, in emergencies, a wine glass, but it's not the same.
  • Splash some vermouth in the shaker (You have a shaker right.) Swirl around then dump the excess vermouth into the sink. Throw and go. (I am not going to spend 10 pages on discussing the best ratio of vermouth to gin here. This is my "perfect martini". )
  • Add a handful or so of cubed (Not Crushed!) ice into the shaker.
  • Add two big shots of gin (3 to 4 ounces).
  • Close the shaker and let it sit while you get the glass out of the freezer and place the olives on a stick and then lay in the glass.
  • Now, gently stir the shaker in a circular motion for about 30 seconds or or until your hand gets pretty cold, and the shaker is too cold to hold.
  • Open the top of the shaker, the hatch, and pour quickly into the chilled glass.
  • You're done. You got it!! It's not that hard!


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