Thursday, December 23, 2004

White Zinfandel

No, I am not going to review any White Zins here. I was just messing with you. In a recent conversation about this wine (it was a short discussion) I offered that we should all be thankful for the oceans of the pink sugared stuff. Without White Zin, how many old Zinfandel vines in California would have been ripped up and replaced with...gasp!....Chardonnay! Now, many may prefer the dry tannic Cabs, or muted, elegant Pinots, but for everyday drinkers at dinner, I think a jammy bold Zin is great. Here's a toast to all the idiots who loved White Zin and to the "producers" who are still making oceans of the stuff, although I have not personally seen anyone in two years actually drink it. Thank You!


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