Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Go Farther!

Like the funny car commercial where a God-like "voice" implores the young man to "Go Farther!", until he finally hears a thundering waterfall and the Voice says, "Too Far!", you must go farther in your search for the next great wine. The natural tendency is to buy and drink what you have tasted before and have liked. It is a natural tendency to play it safe. As they say in skiing, if you don't fall, you are not improving. (I have the bruises and dented helmet to prove it!) If you are not tasting wines you don't like, you are not learning. "Go Farther!" I almost bought a Sake on a restaurant menu recently that I had already tried, and then I tried a new one because, damn it, that's my job. Guess what, I found a new great wine. "Go Farther!" When you do hear that thundering waterfall, well nice knowing you, but until then keep paddling and keep trying new wines!


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