Saturday, January 29, 2005


This is very distressing even if you are not a fan of French wines!

The plan to distil more than 266 million bottles of Appellation d’origine contrôlée wine, to become ethanol for vehicles or other products, conjures up the bizarre concept of European drivers filling their tanks with 2004 Bordeaux — and other vintages.

It is a symptom of the plight of growers in Bordeaux, Burgundy and other traditional wine regions as they face their worst crisis since the phylloxera disease killed many of the country’s vines a century ago. The world’s drinkers are turning away from complicated and uneven French AOC wines which bear the names of obscure châteaux in favour of simply and memorably branded tipples from the New World. At the same time the domestic market is shrinking as the French heed medical advice and the threat of the breathalyser and cut down on their consumption.

Why don't they start working on some labeling we Americans can understand! Can't they make some wines for export only that are user-friendly with producer names clearly stated (you know, to build brand loyalty) and winemaking notes on the back label to tell us what's in there and how it was made? Seems to make more sense than burning all that juice as gasoline! "I'm getting a slight nose of petrol here, followed by a hot finish due to the high alcohol."


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