Saturday, January 29, 2005

Pietra Santa Cabernet

Pietra Santa, Cabernet Sauvignon "Cienega Valley" 1999 ($11) -- California. Couldn't find many details on how this was made, but for $11 we don't need to over-analyse this one. Dark redish-purple colors and a little funky on the nose when first opened. After breathing the wine for 15 minutes, I got a slight dark berry nose, and then a smooth structured finish with good tannins. Not overly complex but a great mid-week food wine that you will gulp down. Remember, only two glasses! Right! You could serve this on the weekend and you will fool your guests. Marked down from $21, but I would put up blind against $30 California Cabs. It may not place in the top three out of ten, but it will compete.


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