Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Keep the Dogs out of the Bunny Yard"

When you see this sign at the back door of our house, you know you have entered a different world. This is the middle of a big city, but you would never know it. Welcome to Polly's world. She was born here and will probably be here years after I have grown cold (please slip a few cases of Spanish Rioja and Australian Semillon, and one bottle of the 1954 Madeira into the coffin before closing it up!). She will be tending her pony and her bunnies and her dogs and cats, not to mention the turtles and snakes and those rat-like creatures, what are they, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and some creatures that are not even listed on the house census. "The scorpion died yesterday." Well..., great, ... oh,... I am so sorry! How are the tarantulas doing?

Now, it is OK for the cats to play with the bunnies -- like you're going to stop these top-line predators -- because they do play nice together for some reason. In fact, one of the male bunnies really likes one of the male cats if you know what I mean. Fortunately, the cats can climb out of the way of this amourous creature and watch it hop around from above while they smirk in their cat-like way at the mis-directed animal. "What the f&$k is that dumb bunny thinking?"

Kids love the show. The feed bill grows daily. But Polly is happy. God bless her! But please remember to keep the Dogs out of the Bunny Yard!


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