Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wynns Coonawarra Estate

Wynns Coonawarra Estate, Caberbnet Sauvignon 2001 ($15) -- Australia. Dark purple color, strong, musty nose with lots of fruit when first opened -- not all bad though, and a well-balanced, smooth flavor of dark fruits.

The winemaker notes are as follows. The total production is listed at 40,000 cases parenthetically by a wine review on their 'site. So, it's not a supermarket, or a boutique wine:

"The wine offers a boldly flavoured core of ripe berries
wrapped in finely textured, velvety tannins. It has excellent
depth and finesse, with highly integrated oak and a silky,
creamy coffee finish. The overall harmony of fruit
concentration and structure will enable this wine to mature
in bottle for many years, whilst offering very agreeable
drinking in the shorter term."

If I had decanted this bottle and could stay up all night, I think I would agree with the above, (eventhough I have never used the word "whilst" ever in a conversation or an essay). However, I just opened the bottle and I did taste after the Pine Ridge, so it does lack complexity and depth, but it is a very pleasant drinker. Will stand up to strong foods, but also offer a smooth finish, even if it is not overly long. I would be proud to drag this to the next picnic. Throw some more shrimp on the 'Barbi!


Blogger Niki said...

Ahh - I have this wine downstairs in the "cellar" (read: wine racks in an underground garage). Thank you for the notes on it - it's always good to read something not released by the promoter.
PS - It's 'prawn' not 'shrimp'! ;-) You can tell it's not an Aussie ad - we'd never call them shrimp! And nobody in the history of Australia has thrown one on the barbie - it'd ruin them! Bloody Greg Norman and his TV commercials...the man hasn't even lived in Australia for at least 20 years! :-) (and Bah Humbug and all that..don't I sound like a grouch!)

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