Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sweet Santa Cruz

Bonny Doon, Muscat Vin de Glaciere 2003 ($18 for 375ml) -- Santa Cruz, California. The fact that I went to Cowell College there will have no influence on this review, as I do not remember seeing this wine there in the 70's. I do remember being the designated beer buyer at the time, as I had a really good looking "International" drivers license. And I do remember a donut shop that would not charge you for donuts if you could eat 24 in one hour. I saw many try, but no one finished. Try it sometime. After about 8 you want to gag, and after 12, all you taste is the gooey lard! It's not pretty! You may never eat donuts again.

Speaking of sweet things, I liked this wine for dessert as it is like an Ice Wine. In fact, it is a frozen late-harvest Muscat but costs less than many "Ice Wines". The floral nose gives way to a very well balanced sweet taste with a good finish. This is a great dessert! When you taste it with some sweets, the sugar in the wine disappears and you are left with the long, smooth finish. This is a much better idea than donuts!


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