Sunday, January 16, 2005

Coteaux D'Ancenis Malvoisie

Jacques Guindon, Saint-Gereon par Ancenis, Coteaux D'Ancenis, Malvoisie 1997 ($6) -- France. As a Post Off from the distributor at $6, I took a flyer. I overlooked the vintage when ordering and then worried that it was over-the-hill when I first opened as it had a bit of a raisiny nose. After a few minutes it blew off and presented itself as a slightly sweet, fruity aperitif or after dinner treat with dessert. I wouldn't consume mass quanties but a glass hits the spot. Here are some notes I found on a google search:

Malvoisie des Coteaux d’Ancenis Located on the right bank of the Loire in the Nantes region, on the border of the Loire Atlantique and Maine et Loire departments, there is a small V.D.Q.S (label guaranteeing the quality of a wine) appellation: the “Malvoise des coteaux d’Ancenis”.From the famous Pinot Gris vine, this fine wine is a real gem as it is only produced by a handful of wine growers.Fruity and slightly sparkling, it is best drunk as an aperitif or is perfect poured over a fruits of the forest salad in summer.

For $6 it is cheaper than an over-sized Bud at Happy Hour, but it is much more delightful!


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