Saturday, March 05, 2005

Crane Lake

I attended a school fundraiser tonight ($100 per person) where they served Crane Lake ($4 retail). What a drag! For a $100 per person, I think that they could bump it up a bit and get some $10 wines that taste good, or offer some $20 and $30 wines which I would gladly pay for as this night has already set me back $1,000 ($200 for tickets, $100 for raffle, $100 for sitter and pizza for the kids back home, $200 on the silent auction, and $400 on a donated case of wine). Having dug around a little on the internet I found an article on Crane Lake. For some reason Crane Lake doesn't have their own site extolling the talented winemakers and lovely vineyards. Now I know why. Crane Lake is made by Bronco Wines, the same people who make Charles Shaw, aka Two Buck Chuck. Next time I'm bringing my own bottle! I am not drinking any F#&*ing Crane Lake from Bronco Wines!


Anonymous Lenn said...

I've had a couple of those Crane Lake "wines"...because the owner of a decent wine shop said "You should try these. For the money ($7 bucks here)they are really really good."

I don't go to that wine shop anymore.


11:11 AM  
Blogger jens at cincinnati wine said...

I wouldn't say horrid (which the Two Buck Chuck actually is), but the one glass of "red" I had, before switching to Gin, was simple and dead. Life is too short to drink simple and dead wines!

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Wine Snobs!

Looks like "Natti" is not like Crane Lake!

Hmmmm.....must be a mid-west "problem".

I am from New England.....Massachusetts to be exact! Many of us New Englanders enjoy it.

Hmmmm, New Englanders....cultured....YES! Snobs....perhaps! But we know VALUE! And a decent table wine!

Crane Lake is a GOOD affordable party wine.

Mid-West snobs? Yikes! Come to the coast and ENJOY the good life, clear your head!

The smell of the ocean breeze will help doubt!


4:59 PM  
Anonymous said...

I was born raised and educated in France. In the US since 1959.
I always have red wine for dinner and at lunch if I am at home.
In the last few years I have been buying some inexpensive french merlot by Pierre Jean which is a good table wine. This week for the second time I came accross Crane Lake wines at the supermarket. They offered merlot, cabernet sauvignon and a white wine. I bought the merlot and let me tell you it's an excellent table wine. At 3 bottles for $10. at Kroger in Michigan, it's a greatttt wine. The problem with many people in this country is a poor sense of taste and smell. It is not surprising when you factor in the amount of sugar and salt found in the food they have been eating since birth.

12:35 PM  
Blogger jens at cincinnati wine said...

That's what is great about America and the wine biz; everybody can have their own opinion. I'm glad you enjoy your wines, but I prefer not to drink mass-produced wines. I like to search out small production, artisinal wines that show off terroir and the winemakers skills. Cheers,

jens at cincinnati wine garage

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My joy is finding low priced wines that taste good and that I enjoy. Sure, highly rated wines are usually better but I can't afford to drink them every night so I find good ones that I can afford. My favorite is Red Truck made by Cline. Love it. My wife loves White Zin and Crane Lake is good with a buttery aftertaste. It was served as a house wife in a restraurant at lunch.Everyone at the table liked it without knowing what it was. If you like something,drink it. There is too much BS in this market.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ignorance Arrogance Pompace -- That is why wine will never be an every day drink in America. If it weren't for Crane Lake and friends the California wine industry would have collapsed from the abundance of over priced artisan wines that are not selling. What is Crane Lake, nothing but a blend of millions of gallons of artisan wines that went un-bottled because high inventories prevented it from being bottled. These artisan wineries need to empty their tanks every year for the next huge California harvest and can not simply dump it down the sewer without paying huge fines. Enter the owners of Crane Lake and friends who go around and collect millions of gallons of artisan wine for free, saving the artisan’s ass from fines and certain bankruptcy.

Here are my two choices, do I want to drink a glass of varietally correct reasonably priced crane lake or a glass of over priced, homogenized, over extracted, and excessively alcoholic artisan wine.

Although Crane Lake has dramatically expanded the number of everyday wine drinkers it poses a threat two types of people – the wine snob and the beer industry!

8:27 AM  

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