Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wine Blogging Wednesday #6

I managed to find three South African Reds having put the call out yesterday to a few wine reps (why put off today what you can do tomorrow!). I could have tasted some of the Goat wines from Charles Back, but wanted to try something new. And I managed to scrounge up some leftover Chinese spare ribs and Ritz crackers for a late breakfast as I was starved (and a little "tired") this morning after the "Erie Avenue Blind Tuesday Wine Night" where we blind tasted eight California Cabs which I will detail later once I locate the Tasting Notes and my briefcase!

  • Indaba, Merlot 2004 ($10) -- South Africa. I very much like the Indaba Sauvignon Blanc 2003 and I support the Scholarship efforts of Indaba to "open the wine industry doors to a new generation of South Africans" (read native), but I did not think much of the Merlot. The nose was tight with some grassy cherry aromas and not much finish or smoothness. The back label says it would be good with pizza. That's about right but there are many other good $10 wines.
  • Brampton, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Petit Verdot 2002 ($14) -- Coastal Region, South Africa. 51% Cab, 45% Merlot, 4% Petit Verdot. Nice fruit nose with smooth flavors and tannic structure. Balanced with good finish. Highly recommended for the price!
  • Robert's Rock, Shiraz/Malbec 2003 ($7) -- South Africa. 65% Shiraz, 35% Malbec. Slight funny nose when first opened. Needs decanting. After 30 minutes smooths out and is very pleasant. Notes on back label are accurate: " ...profile shows cherry and rasberry flavors with undertones of sweet smokey spices. The wine portrays good fruit and juicy flavors with a soft finish." THIS is a good pizza wine, and for $3 less than a $10 bottle!


Blogger OrleansAg said...

I picked up a bottle of Spice Route Flagship Pinotage when I was in South Africa. I can't remember the year, but it was a very nice wine. Not too heavy and quite a nice balanced red. I believe it is from the same vineyard as Goats du Roam.

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