Sunday, January 30, 2005

Blind Tasting #1 -- Invitation

2001 California Cabs -- We will be hosting a blind tasting of six 2001 California Cabernets in the $30 range to rank them by a panel of wine afficionados (read winos). We are looking for volunteers. (Out of town bloggers are welcome to attend. You can stay at my place if you are not allergic to cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters or snakes -oooh! In fact, I will pay airfare to any out-of-town food bloggers who are willing to prepare dishes consisting of same animals!)

Details are being formulated but it will take place on Tuesday February 15th (I had originally picked the 14th but was quickly reminded that some romantic Holiday falls on that date!) at a local restaurant, probably at Cumin if I can talk Yajan into this. (As of last night, he has approved. I only had to buy the first round at Beluga's.) I think 8 to 10 tasters should do it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I could make it...but I don't think I can make it to Cincy from Long Island :)

Can't wait to read about it afterwards...

Lenn Thompson

4:32 PM  

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