Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Two Thumbs Up

Rihaku Nigori Sake, "Dreamy Clouds" NV ($24 for 300ml) -- Japan; Tokubetsu Junmai Sake; exquisite, creamy (cloudy) dry, high-grade Sake. I had it served in a wine glass, slightly chilled at "Sake Bomb" (two thumbs up back at you Charlie!). This wine will stop your world and you will be amazed at the complexity, the finish, the clouds and the balance. Amazing stuff! Perhaps, the only thing missing is a big nose, but I have tasted recently many French wines that give up little on the front-end. Holly shit, is this Sake? I am going to spend the next few days looking for a Parker review on any Sake. I dare him not to give this a 90+. If he can extol the virtues of the Sauternes of France and the Tokays and Muscats of Australia, then he needs to consider the beauty of the fine Sakes of Japan! Mess up the minds at your next dinner party and serve this after dessert. This is a great wine!

[The Next Day -- OK, so I liked it alot and still do. The enthusiasm and the Parker challenge (are we still friends Bob?.....Bob?) could be explained by polishing off the little bottle by myself, but it really is great and should be experienced.]


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