Thursday, December 16, 2004

Salt of the Earth

This is a food and wine review. First, Debbie and Jim have a great luncheon restaurant and carry-out located at Red Bank near Madison. All the meals (Salmon, Turkey Meatloaf, Tilapia, Strip Steaks) are great as are the side dishes. My favorites are the Blue Cheese Coleslaw and the Waldorf Salad. And you have to love a place that serves warm Brussel Sprouts with butter. This place is a definite must try. I am there at least two times a week. But if you become a regular, be prepared to update Debbie on the wife and kids, or some other topical news, when you arrive. It's that kind of place!

And they have a fine selection of about 150 wines that are hand-picked by Jim who really knows his wines from his stints at the Celestial and Bacchus. (What, am I nuts recommending another wine store!) Jim personally knows all the wines and can give you a story on each. I spotted a Robert Pecota Sauvingon Blanc for $13 and I asked him about it, as I really like the Pecota Syrah. He said "Bob" makes some great small production wines and deserves our support. "You know I stayed with him once out in California." Jeez, if "Bob" were to invite me out there once (Hint, Hint), I could really get behind his wines and start selling cases and cases!

Robert Pecota, Sauvignon Blanc 2003 ($13) -- I tasted when the bottle was a little warm, not really chilled and got a floral, friut nose and a very well balanced taste with a medium finish. This would be an excellent summer aperitif, or a crisp wine with spicy food. I like the range of aromas and flavors that one gets with the Sauvignon Blanc grape, from floral to steely. This wine is a must try for anyone who likes Sauvignon Blanc. Even if I don't get that invitation to visit Bob, I Would Recommend This Wine.

[I re-tasted after proper chilling, and I concur with the above, and would add that the floral aspects have hidden and offer more subtlety, complexity and mystery. Even Better!]


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