Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ten Top Reasons for Half Bottles versus a Glass of Wine

  • (10) - It's a brand new fresh bottle, not that last glass of two day old wine.
  • (9) - You can pour yourself 1/3 glasses and swirl away instead of just staring at a full glass.
  • (8) - You can enjoy the wine as it opens up glass by glass.
  • (7) - It's cheaper than wine by the glass. Like you're going to drink just one glass anyway!
  • (6) - It's great to share, or you can drink the whole thing yourself without guilt (but see #2 below).
  • (5) - OK, so it's a kinda cute bottle that is easy to lift and pour, but not as cute as the little airline bottles that are really cute and what the hell are you going to do on the plane anyway. Sorry!
  • (4) - If it's on the menu, it must be good for you.
  • (3) - So many wines, so little time.
  • (2) - In theory, you could share some with the hottie at the table next to you, while your wife is in the bathroom, but her date would probably not appreciate it, and well you could get busted, so...
  • And the Number One Reason to Order Splits versus Single Glasses
  • (1) - You don't have to wait for the damn waiter to show up to order another glass!


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