Sunday, November 21, 2004

French Rant (and Italy too)

When will the French figure out that if they want to build brand loyalty in the American market (and maybe sell more product!), they need to make their labels more user-friendly. I understand that the antiquated wine regulations require that the front label be formatted a specific way, but - hey! - what about the back label. Instead of only listing the Importers name and the pregnancy/health warning, why don't they include some winemaking notes about the style, varietal content, production levels. And maybe include the producer's name in a manner that we ignorant Americans can understand. After a 10 minute google search and some rough French translations (I only read Spanglish), I was able to find the producer's name of the last French wine I tasted. Notes to follow. It was a very pleasant Gigondas from Les Vins du Troubadour S.C.A. a Vacqueyars Vaucluse France.


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