Friday, April 29, 2005

Jug Wine

Martin Ray, Red 2001 ($13 for 1L) - Central Coast, California Red Table Wine. This really is jug wine with the handle, the one liter jug bottle and the screwcap. According to the website it is made from Syrah, Merlot and select red Rhone varietals. (I heard a rumor that the Angeline Syrah will be discontinued and blended into this wine.) If, by definition, jug wine is affordable - comparable to a $10 75cl - , quaffable wine, then this fits the bill and more. It is not only drinkable, it is chuggable. This is good wine and good fun.

Not a big nose, but fruit flavors - mostly from the Syrah - with smooth integrated tannins, yes tannins in a jug wine, and a moderate finish, although not a lot of complexity. (Hey, it's jug wine!) But I did not grow weary of this wine as the night progressed.

I can't wait to show up at the next cocktail party in Hyde Park with this baby swinging from my finger ready to P A R T A Y!!!! Now, if they came out with a two liter jug, we'd be dangerous!


Blogger Ryan M Scott said...

Carlo Rossi has 4 Liter jugs, I have had the Chianti, it's a little sweeter than most Chianti and not very dry on the finish, but it's decent, and only around $10 or $12 too.

4:41 PM  

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